Hello Again

It seems that so soon after beginning my bright shiny blog I have abandoned it however the reality is I have been traveling. I hope you have all had an excellent start to the new year I certainly have.

A few months a go I made a comment on a blog I casually read. The author had posted in what I felt was a smug and disparaging tone about her dealings with bogans (poor white people in australia) I unfortunately commented while still angry
mentioning both class privilege and judgemental attitude. The op has since responded with a long post detailing
her circumstances growing up and how hard she has worked for the things she has.

My thoughts are very simple. Experience of hardship does not make you an expert on hardship universally it makes you an expert on your hardship. Secondly to my mind nothing justifies being rude and making snap judgements about people based on a few minutes interaction and what you see in their shopping trollies


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